Pro Moves: Decision Making as an Artist Entrepreneur

Event Flier for Pro Moves: Decision Making as an Artist Entrepreneur
Saturday, March 27,
12-1:30 pm
It’s time to embrace that as an artist, you are an entrepreneur. Every day, you have to make critical decisions about how, when, and where to spend your time, energy, and money in order to make it all work. Instead of scrambling between sales, being unsure of how to manage your time, and not knowing which business directions are right for you, learn how to make decisions that more clearly align with your overall goals and values. In this interactive session with workshop activities and a Q+A, you will learn about issues such as if and when to take on debt, how to plan for uneven income flows, and how to integrate different lines of business for well-rounded support.


2021 Summer Lectures

2021 Student
the dots between will be collaborating with youth programs across the country to offer financial literacy dialogues. These are interactive discussions to help young artists and leaders learn how to evaluate financial information and make a solid plan for themselves.

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the dots between 2021 Fall Cohort

Fall Cohort begins sept. 13th
The next dots between cohort begins September 13, 2021. We are adding a component to serve leaders who run community arts programs in addition to our focus on individual artists.  

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