sept 15, 2022

Deadline to apply.

sept 30, 2022

When fellows will be notified of their acceptance.

Oct 15, 2022

Program begins and runs through March 31, 2023.

This financial coaching program is for artists who have started to bring in more resources than ever before and need to establish the financial and business structures that will support their long term career growth.
Topics Include
Building overall financial literacy in a supportive and open environment of like-minded individuals-increasing credit to purchase a home or land
Opening retirement accounts or better understanding current investment accounts-planning for children's education or helping parents
Addressing past debt-strategies for dealing with uneven income
Restructuring student loans-having financial conversations with a partner
Utilizing networks and finding new relationships-structuring fundraising campaigns and other communication strategies
Guest speakers focus on best practices in growing your career for a variety of mediums
Workshops Include
Deep dives into financial topics listed above
Communication strategies
Working with galleries and museums
Tax planning
Estate planning and other legal topics
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